Bugs Fixed

03 Oct 2008 20:07

Today I fixed two bugs related to Flickr images.

Invalid Flickr photo placed in header with some iframe

… bug that caused disappearing of page options buttons (edit, print, history) when having an invalid Flickr image inside of header, like:

Cannot fetch Flickr photo (id: 84084207234234). The photo either does not exist, or is private

… and any iframe below the faulty Flickr image (like with the use of some embedded service).


+++ [[image flickr:84084207234234]]
[[embed]]<iframe src="anything..."></iframe>[[/embed]]

(If the bug was still here, I wouldn't be able to edit/remove/rename the page anymore)

This bug was originally reported on the community forums

No photo preview when using image wizard and Flickr photos

… bug that disabled the preview of Flickr images when using image wizard:


Text: "flickr image" was shown instead of thumbnail of real photo from Flickr.

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