Wire Wrapped Jewelry

03 Jun 2009 09:18

I would like to present new high quality earrings made by my fiancée.

They are called Forget-Me-Not.


They are effect of a great design and many hours of work. The great look comes from wire-wrapping — a technique hard enough to not be used by many artists. Also what counts is very high precision, which makes earrings look gorgeous.

Carefully chosen color of the nacre makes them just perfect.

If you want to buy them, contact me at lp.kooltsal|rtoip#lp.kooltsal|rtoip (or leave comment on this page). I can prepare them and send to EU or even US. Payment with PayPal or international bank transfer. Including posting to EU, price would be €20 (20 Euro).

See the whole collection on this site (in Polish language).

UPDATE: I forgot to mention about dimensions of them. The total length (height) of them (including hooks) is 50 mm. Also we decided to even lower the price to 15 Euro including shipping to EU just to make your decision easier!

This is a great opportunity. No-one else has earrings like this, guarantied!

UPDATE: earrings are sold. Look at similar ones at the following link biżuteria wire wrapping.

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