21 May 2009 18:11

Yesterday I started refreshing website — the home of Wikidot open source software.

Also we decided to move from managing our code in SVN to Git — more precisely to Our project page at GitHub is the following: Feel free to just follow it or even fork!

Last times, I made Wikidot insanely easy to install (check out the installation guide). It totally rocks (you can install Wikidot within 10 commands and no file editing).

I want to state, that this post is the last about the Wikidot open source software on this blog, as I'm running a new blog just about the Wikidot software at This will be more practical to filter the posts and will push some life into that site.

At the end I want to invite you to the Wikidot IRC channel #wikidot at That would be probably the easiest way to contact the Wikidot team without much formalism.

(As many posts here were about Wikidot software, this blog will be less regularly updated, but if really care about Wikidot software news, just follow the new one and you won't be spammed about posts about Python, BASH or other things. I hope that blog-split will really help everyone.)

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