Wikidot 1.0 Roadmap

17 Sep 2008 10:56

Wikidot OpenSource is quite stable now. Considering security, it's the same as the service (you can choose a different domain for uploaded files for example). We've moved development and production server to Lighttpd, and this is our main HTTP server right now. However we would like to support the old good Apache as well.

Here is the list of things to do before releasing Wikidot 1.0:

  • fix Apache redirects to match Lightty's
  • update and review the new controllers for
    • uploaded files
    • custom domain authorization
  • clean up database
    • check if unique on categories (by name) per site exists in main dump
    • get rid of ucookie/ukey table (we don't need it now because of new secure checksum to authenticate users on a custom domain)
  • copy SendPingBacksJob
  • update script doing all of theese
  • testing
  • testing
  • testing

I hope, the three last points, will be done with cooperation from wikidot-dev users :).

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