Why Wikidot Rulez

04 Aug 2008 14:39

Have you ever wondered why Wikidot rulez?

You could say, "hey, there is much more other wiki hosts out there, why should I use Wikidot?"

Wetpaint look quite nice, but has anoying Google Ads everywhere. (I've read, they have $40 million capital).

Wikia has the strange permission thing — if you post anything, it becomes their property.

PbWiki didn't allowed me to upload HTML file like this:

abc bac

It claimed, that this is a spam and disabled file upload for 15 minutes for all pbwiki sites!

In the contrary Wikidot has many friendly features1 and have a totally different ads policy. Actually, they let YOU earn with their service. If you wish to display ads on your wiki, you get as much as 80% of what Google pays for them.

Wikidot rules, and has everyday-growing community, with their masterpiece wiki at http://community.wikidot.com/.

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