Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 1

08 Apr 2011 21:05

Let's talk about Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 1. Honestly I don't think it really should be beta already. It just doesn't work for me. I think the only reason the "release" is called beta is that it's April already and the stable version of the system should be delivered to the end of it to justify the 11.04 name/version.

Let's start from the beginning. I'm having a Sony Vaio laptop with dual graphics system. During boot I can switch if nVidia or Intel graphics card is used. While on nVidia card, I didn't encounter any problems but the thing in "Extra Drivers" no nVidia card was detected. I'm not sure, maybe this "automatic" 3rd party driver installation is only activated after a real install.

I really wanted to see the new Ubuntu interface, so I switched to Intel graphics card and rebooted the machine. After a while I was able to "Try Ubuntu", I started the Firefox and then I noticed I don't have a network connection configured, so I clicked the network manager icon, chose my wifi network and tried to enter the password, but this caused compiz to close unexpectedly. Multiple times. After I managed to click "cancel" button the window decorations were gone and keyboard focus was not passed to clicked field, which made my system unusable. The standard shortcut to run command in Ubuntu: Alt-F2 didn't work either.

This was a pretty short test, but not passed at all. Ubuntu 11.04 doesn't deserve beta status, there are stability issues. For example trying to suspend the laptop in nVidia mode (without any commercial drivers) froze it instead so i had to reboot :-(.

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