Svn2github problems (May update)

24 May 2015 16:23

UPDATE2: The service is now resumed.

UPDATE: The server is now replicated with no data loss. RAID is still recovering though (copying data from one disk to another), so to not overwhelm the whole system I'll re-enable svn2github syncing only after that is done.

After migrating (and several other services) to a new server everything was going smoothly for a month or two, until recently I received an alert regarding RAID degradation.

One of the disk in the RAID failed (reading /dev/sda just fails) and in order to prevent the other disk from failing I disabled any write operation (read: updates) for the svn2github-controlled repos.

A new server is on the way, but unfortunately, due to the weekend, it will be back only on Monday. Once the data is migrated I'll re-start updating the repos again.

Expect an update on this on Tuesday :-)

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