Static Files From Mirror Server

27 Jun 2008 14:23

Today I've configured the mirror server, to serve static files ( from the main server using Lighttpd.

The only thing to do is assign an IP address (preferably a portable one) and make a change in DNS settings.

Now static files are server with a proxy from lighttpd working on the main server, but we could change it later.

This thing closes work that needed to be done with the mirror server (as4). All we have to deal with is now magic file detection and ozone_session errors.

PS: we have two lighttpd configuration files now:

  • /etc/lighttpd.conf — for serving static files
  • /etc/lighttpd-mirror.conf — for acting as a live mirror.

After assigning an IP address to the static server, we may want to produce one lighttpd configuration based on IP (or host name), but it's not important now.

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