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11 Sep 2008 21:53


today is my birthday. Some of you asked… I was born 11 September 1987, so I'm 21 years old now. I'm just back from concert of some local guitar bands. I received nice gifts today, like a chair (named "Chef"), a Children Of Bodom t-shirt (thanks squark and his half), a chestnut (or kasztan if you wish) and I was going to be gifted a present from my girl, but unfortunately, she learns for her exam, so we'll meet tomorrow. I have no idea what the gift would be and I'm very curious about it.

Other news: I have passed the object DB in Python. The caching is just as fast as running query in a few seconds instead of 4 minutes in certain situation, so this seems a lot, and as a matter of fact, this is only a prototype of caching mechanism.

Nature (as some flowers) highers the work efficiency, so I set a ladybird as my new wallpaper. It motivates me.

I have though of my future (i.e. what to do AFTER being a successful programmer) being asked by my girl. I would like to manage some project (I believe I would be good in it).

And a time for confession: I really really love my Marta, and I will be very happy to be her beloved husband some day.

This is the end of the birthday blog post. The next will be here in year I hope.

The next post will be in Polish and will be about binary formats, helping people with them and Wikidot pro features. Keep tuned folks.

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