Python Database: The Work Continues

28 Aug 2008 21:36

Today more work was done by me on the object oriented database implemented in Python.

I dealt with some problems I came across like proper object encapsulation. Now, my database allows any object to be stored in it, even of classes that are internally used by my database.

I implemented "." and "WHERE" operators, which seemed the worst, because they needed working environmental stack.

Now comes, what's the most individual — optimizing things with query cache. Actually it's not a query cache, but rather a evaluateNode cache, but this works very similar (the only difference is that the evaluateNode cache is more deep in operation and can be used inside of queries. This means it can accelerate the processing even for one query!

More work will come for sure on this, because the cache seems to be really tricky with such a flexible database model we've assumed.

Keep tuned for more news

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