Object Database In Python - Day 2

16 Aug 2008 16:12

Hello again,

as pointed in the previous day comment, there is another IDE for developing in Python, which is BoaConstructor. As a matter of fact, I haven't taken that into consideration, because it was told it is a IDE for GUI development. As I was not about creating a GUI, this was completely skipped.

My impressions of the IDEs:

  • pida, geany, drpython — interesting, but not worth a try for me
  • eric — good overall, but raises many dialog boxes with information of exceptions. These are fatal and are about the GUI, so you have to click OK and continue working

I tried the Eric first, because it was written as a really good program. I like it, but it is not polished and would never be bought (if commercial) by anyone:

  • the support for SVN is really tricky
  • the GUI is really not intuitive — no "delete a file" or "new file (here)" in the navigator context menu
  • the code completion is there, but not really so clever

for example, having the following code:

class aClass:
    def method(self, param):
        assert isinstance(param, list)

the IDE should know, that the param is a list and complete the list methods! I believe the PyDev plugin for Eclipse already did it when I last used it.

After trying all the listed IDEs I got back to Eric as one of two best Python IDEs tried by me (the second is PyDev).

Happy Pythoning
Your Piotr

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