News From Piotr

19 Nov 2008 23:05

Hi, it's Piotr and I have some news for you.

First of all, I started writing down any tips for Linux users of Sony Vaio SZ series, just like me. It's not complete, but really the time to figure all this out for me was less than writing it down, but I wish these all information was listed somewhere. That's why I started that list.

Secondly I have an announcement in Polish:

Sprzedam laptopa HP Mini Note 2133. Cena 1500. Stan: nieużywany, nowy z gwarancją.

Then I need to share with this one. I've moved Wiki thumbnails generator to other machine, make it running in parallel (4 thumbs at once) and decided to only make thumbnail for wikis with more than 20 edits (you get about 15 edits with just starting a wiki).

This all made the thumbnail generation process to take only about 15 hours for every public, not-spam, not-empty wiki. This means we can update them more regularly.

Another news is that the thumbnails are now generated as JPEGs instead of PNGs which makes them about 10 times smaller in weight than before. This also means, that in case you already use the old thumbnails, you'll have to update, now the URL is: and

You have to wait till tomorrow to let them work, because they are still being generated.

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