Cups And Easy Printer Sharing

22 Apr 2014 20:53

Today I decided I want to share an USB printer via CUPS. This has always been fun and easy thing to do.

After spending some time figuring out why this doesn't work out of the box, I learned most of the tutorials are not right about one thing. They claim to share the network in the same (sub)network you don't need any special configuration on the client. That's wrong. You need to install cups-browsed package on the client:

sudo apt-get install cups-browsed

Then you just wait 30 seconds and you're remote printers should appear in http://localhost:631/printers

If you want to print from a different network (or your stupid router doesn't bridge Wifi and Ethernet networks) you may need to add a line like that:

BrowsePoll server-name

to the /etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf file.

An update: actually BrowsePoll server-name doesn't seem to work. I needed to replace the server name with the server IP address.

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