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01 Aug 2008 23:10

- How much do you hate IE?
- A lot!
- That's enough, welcome in our team.

With the news about new team member, new themes and major software improvement it seems, that here, at Wikidot, we work hard. And as a matter of fact, we do.

I've recently created two nice themes for Wikidot:

  • Bloo — especially for bloggers and a variant of this Bloo - no sidebar
  • Not-yet-named (codename booze) — the one that is used on the http://themes.wikidot.com/

The latter was designed with much help from SquarkSquark — the new team member.

Other interesting facts from the behind of scenes, with the server software upgrade, we've fixed some bugs, including:

  • browsing by tags now allows special characters like + in tags
  • printer-friendly version of forum was fixed (actually it seems that this had never worked before)

Moreover, we've injected more magic to Wikidot. The greatest improvements are:

  • serving user-uploaded files. PHP checks whether you have right to see the file and then instructs the Lighttpd web server to serve the file to the user. We're using X-LIGHTTPD-sendfile for this purpose. Moreover we're now using a totally different domain for this: *.wdfiles.com, which prevents from JavaScripts attacks.
  • direct access to any code block inside wikis. Just append /code to the URL
Example codeblock, that is accessible with a custom URL:

Moreover if you set the type of the code to html or css, Wikidot will serve the file with the proper MIME type which makes the codes usable as external style sheets or iframe destinations!

See the following codes:

        <title>Wikidot extracts codes from wiki pages!</title>
        <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://piotr.gabryjeluk.pl/dev:a-lot/code/3"/>
        <p>HTML live-extracted from page's code with attached live-extracted style!</p>
p {
    border: dashed #f00 1px;
    background: #ffa;
    color: #f00;
    font-weight: bold;
    font-size: 40px;

Now the trick. To access the second (and any other) code block, just supply the URL of the page following by /code/<number>

for example


will point you to the second code block in the http://piotr.gabryjeluk.pl/dev:a-lot page.

Now the Live demo:

Cool, huh? No file uploads needed, just save the code at Wikidot page and… access it!

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